Wildlife Park Escape

A new and hilarious point-and-click game called Wildlife Park Escape is here to light up your playtime with ABCya free collection. During your trip to the wildlife park, you have been trapped inside it due to the gate being unable to open. To find the way out, you will have to go through all the scattered puzzle pieces and find hidden objects inside.

Only by finding the way to the back gate of the park will you be able to successfully escape this game. Are you ready to search all nook and cranny inside the park? There is a total of four stages that you need to clear completely to open the final gate. Each of them has a key of numbers. To crack the code, you will have to find hidden objects, the characters and arrange them in the correct position to unlock new hints and decoding the puzzles. The last level shall be the most difficult since it requires pieces from other levels to solve the 6-digits code.

All parts, items, and objects in this game at https://abcya.xyz/ are linked together in some ways, so brainstorm a little bit to succeed. Will you give up midway or will you be one of the few players that manage to get out? Train your mind and learn how to solve more puzzle games such as Red Monster Jigsaw and Math Tasks True Or False to light up the mood!

Instruction to play:

Choose and interact with the items using the mouse left button.