Valkyria Puzzle

Only the quick-witted players from all around the world can break down the most challenging quizzes and grids of puzzles in this new ABCya XYZ game: Valkyria Puzzle! This will be a perfect match if you are a fan of puzzles with bright graphics and an intense pace. The main goal of this game is to enjoy all the levels, each with its own features and difficulties. The gameplay remains unchanged throughout the stages, which is to match the rocks to gain the required scores. You can swap rocks to match a line of three of the same color to smash them into bits before they grind you!

The faster you match, the easier it gets for you to keep the boulders from reaching your ground. Moreover, a chain of combinations with six or even seven boulders will bring tons of bonuses and advantages to you! Keep in mind that once you successfully smash a line of three, more will pop up to fill the gap. To excel at this game in, it's crucial to calculate the steps beforehand and use the given tools wisely.

Another important element is to keep track of the limited time to avoid running out of time. Don't let the pile of rocks get too big to handle! Spare a bit of your time to hang out with your friends while playing other puzzle games such as Brave Triangle and Completed Paths

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click on the rocks to swap them and create lines.