The Last Survivors

If you are looking for a multiplayer game where you can fight and play alongside your bestie, The Last Survivors will be a perfect option thanks to the two-player gameplay that allows both of you to move at the same time. This ABCya Xyz game for kids has a unique mechanism that requires both characters to move, interact, and move through doors so that they can win the levels one by one.

You can control one of them and leave the other to your friend's command, or feel free to manage the two for more challenges. They are not defenseless but they need to capture the floating yellow wheels to open the exit door. There will be traps, locked doors, and platforms that require two people to open, that's when your teamwork comes in handy. Move through the platforms and open up the boxes to search for more boosters and gifts. Don't stay close to the spikes, avoid the guard and your team will be fine.

If one character gets stuck in some space, it's very important that the other searches for the key to open it. This game from the collection of will spice up your playtime with sharing moments and great memories. Daily replenished games with a variety of genres such as Sentry Guardian and Lucky Looter will definitely be a great reward for you after a long day!

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses arrow keys. Players 2 uses WASD keys.