Super Tetris

Color blocks are falling and you need to place them in the slot to fit all the blocks that make up a line to destroy the lines of the block and score as high as possible. You can move the block in many other ways because of the lines in a row and try to win this game Super Tetris at With more high scores, you will have the advantage. This game is inspired by many famous puzzle games. So you will have a lot of best feelings when participating in the game. One of the first games to be created. With a colorful and beautiful design, the images are vivid and interesting.

You will have lots of moments in the most interesting puzzle quest. You need to rotate and move these blocks to the position where you feel most safe. You can refill it and not leave any empty boxes. You will then collect these blocks with a horizontal line. But things are not that simple. Because the blocks that the game presents are very surprising shapes. Do not have the same shape. So you need to work your brain to find ways to think about which image combined with the position of which image will create the most closed path possible. It's hard, right? But the more difficult it is, the more motivated you will be to win. Arrange all of these shapes and create a place where there is never a gap.

Then you will become an excellent player. Get the maximum movement of your brain as well as your IQ to help you conquer this task. Because it is extremely difficult to arrange everything as you like. You invite your friends to add in an intellectual puzzle game Super Tetris at abcya online games made to make people smarter. Started into a few other similar common puzzle game genres Cartoon BrickDig This Water and Pokey Balls.

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to arrange lots of different blocks together.