Super Onion Boy

Classic games with the Mario theme have their charms, but it's the new generation of spin-offs with the same idea but new features that are becoming all the rage at ABCya games! One good choice for the newcomers is the Super Onion Boy, a fun platform game of dashing through tons of objects, climbing up higher blocks and reaching the destination. You need to save the princess from the terrible monster who is guarding her in a magic bubble.

Before trying to defeat the monster, you have to make sure that your character stays alive through all the obstacles, little monsters, and challenges along the way. The final boss is always the worst, yet with proper training and preparation, you will be able to rescue the princess in no time! Don't forget that by breaking up the bricks, you might even find the extra lives or special items for your usage. The longer you go, the more dangerous monsters will show up. Like the classic Mario game, you can keep track of your remaining lives and statistics as well as the gained objects using the icons on the top of the screen.

Once your bar of energy runs out, your character will die and the game is over. Let's see how you will handle the scariest monsters here at! Other exciting games like Lay Eggs and Flying Easter Bunny have the same theme and the elaborated sets of rules for your entertainment!

Instruction to play:

Move using arrow keys, jump using the up key.