Super Frog

Become a Super Frog when you win all the levels of this online game. Collect different fruits as game rewards. Do not collide with any opponents on the move if you want to keep the lives. Play in the classic Mario style if you love our great game space at With 8 amazing levels, jump on top of enemies to kill, don't let them touch you so you don't lose your life. For every 30 fruits collected, you regain a lost life. Therefore, do not miss this reward during your journey. Each player is ready to explore any moment in their spare time. Update your online game list today. We help players enjoy the most exciting gaming moments through the journey. Expand the world of online games you love in our new journey. What was the great moment that you overcame? Win the most difficult moves with the dense appearance of enemies today.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move and jump over obstacles