Super Friday Night Funki

Super Friday Night Funkin is open to any online player at ABCya XYZ. Have fun with this new game. Play the ritual of each track, hit the game buttons at the right time, and accumulate points to show that you are the best. Don't miss any arrow if you want to win the levels with a great score. You may miss a few plays. However, do not exceed that limit. Looking for a relaxing evening every Friday with the music of the game.

This game is played and chosen by many online players in their spare time. With interesting and new game content, you can hardly find similar games on other websites. What gameplay do you use to complete this journey? Dance to your favorite music and beat all the levels of this game at When the arrows move to the top of the screen, you must click on the arrows immediately. If you miss them, you lose. Do not exceed the number of misses. Each player has different engagement tips for overcoming any musical challenge. After completing the tasks, do not forget to share them with your friends. They are also interested in participating in this game. Fun and sound-filled Friday evenings await you. What drew you to this piece of music? Don't miss any arrows. The movement speed and frequency of the arrows will increase gradually. Therefore, the level of this game is increasingly difficult.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys or left mouse to click on the arrow on the screen.