Super Fist

Superheroes come in all shapes and forms, as well as all types of superpowers. This time at Super Fist from the collection of ABCya online, it's time to take on the adventure with the superheroes that you have never seen before! These furious fists of the main character are waiting to land on the hideous aliens, so aim correctly!

Instead of ordinary heroes who shoot lasers, fly around and throw hammers, this time, you will assist our hero in the quest of taking on swarms of snarling aliens. They come in herds with the aim of taking over the city, but we won't let them be. Start fighting back by launching the strongest fists at them, dodge when they counter-attack and move flexibly to the new locations.

It might be a little overwhelming for the new players since wave upon wave of invaders will come at you at once, however, with proper practice and a detailed tutorial like the one at, you will conquer the mighty fists at no time. Even if you throw them far, they can still hit aliens on the way back. It's best to be a fast clicker and show the best reflex to survive while being under a vicious attack. To win the game, make sure that you protect your last line of defense! Take up the challenges with other action-based games like Dragon Climb and Monsters Up as well!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the keyboard to fight.