Stick Run

Escape the tunnel safely if you join the game Stick Run. Try to help our character find his way home. New games at are always updated with fun stuff. You will have a feeling of thrill and fun when participating in this game. This game challenges your reaction speed and running skills. Choose from two game modes: exploration mode and infinite mode. Unlock new characters along the way and collect gold scattered throughout the tunnels. You can use gold to unlock new characters and continue your run. Let's track your steps and make sure you don't fall out of the tunnel or lose.

Discover 15 characters with unique skills and outfits. Control your jump in every turn, so you don't lose the endless tunnel. Don't fall below if you want to win and top the game list. Different tunnels kept opening. Watch and change direction quickly before you can fall out of the tunnel. Holes appear everywhere. ABCya Xyz games have many new adventures for free for any player to join. It doesn't take you long to explore the challenges. Enjoy this game-winning moment anytime you want. Share with your friends the online games we have introduced. Many players are willing to unlock missions without being bothered by any factors. What is the tunnel that you cannot miss during the game?

Unlock the hardest missions in the endless journey at any time. Complete online games with many similar games Bullet Jakke Adventure and Coloring Book Vehicles. You will fall in love with our amazing game space any time.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use up arrow key to jump through space tunnels, left and right arrow key to rotate the world as you move