Slime is appearing a lot in this game. What do you need to do with these mixed lubricants? We are in a lot of your way. Your goal is just to control your character to be able to unlock many of the bottom treasures with the keys. So let's get ready to beat all the difficulties that the game Slimoban at abcya games offers. There are many monsters that you can escape or destroy with fireballs or by throwing them into the water. There are 3 different types of slime appearing in this game. The green type is just standing still. You cannot destroy the fireball.

But you can put it in the water and destroy them. Blue slime chases your character and they can be destroyed with a fireball. The red slime it's chasing you into them can only be pushed through the water. Move the blocks if the blocks come back into the water they will break the water and themselves. So you need to use your smart tool in this game to conquer all the challenges together. Remove all the slime and use them and tools to help you conquer the game. Dodge all the greases because they are moving with you very fast.

Find the key to unlock the world's mysterious treasures. Join the game Slimoban at with a lot of extremely interesting slime. You will have more fun sharing this game with your friends to find the most mysterious treasures. Have fun exploring in addition to a few other similar game genres Route Digger 2 and Monster Destroyer

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys / WASD to be able to move your character.