Scrape And Guess

As you shave gray areas on the screen, you'll see a portion of the image unfold behind the gray area. Join Scrape And Guess in abcya online game for free. Guess what this picture is using the characters below. Use your device's language. When the gray area is erased, the image behind it starts to appear. Try to guess what the picture is, use the letters below. The more you remove the gray area, the lower your score will be.

Therefore, observe the part of the image that comes up and find the most accurate keyword you are trying to guess. This useful game has attracted many online players to join the puzzle game world without being bothered by any factors. Show off your language skills through this challenging multiplayer game, explore your vast online gaming world. With language skills, players have the perfect opportunity to overcome this game world in the best way. Do not forget to share or suggest with your friends so that they also pass the different levels of this online game. Countless interesting things are waiting for you ahead. Let's discover new things today.

Each player has a special way of playing to complete the mission. continuously brings new puzzle games for players to choose from and relax. Try to complete the most outstanding challenges now. Image-based word guessing games are incredibly difficult. Players can team up to guess those images and win all levels. Use your language when participating in this game. The most popular language is English. Train memory, understanding, and flexibility through the language of the game. Many players play games like My Sweet Adventure and Mushroom Pop. Get ready to finish your online games today. 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to join the game