Santa Adventure

Santa has to overcome many challenges in his gift-giving journey. You'll be helping our big guy this Christmas at Santa Adventure. Show the most flexible reactions you have at ABCya XYZ Online. This amazing 2D running game attracts many online players. Join 3 stages and collect the most number of gifts before the game is over. Score points through the turns and avoids the traps. They appear everywhere. Players are ready to join and help Santa. Collect gifts to give them in time this Christmas.

This meaningful game has attracted players all over the world to participate in their spare time. What trick did you use in running games? Join many times, and come to the best conclusion on the journey you have chosen. Run anywhere you want. When you collect many gifts, Santa is extremely happy. Many people will receive gifts this holiday season. If you want to jump over the obstacles, you can use the up arrow key. And don't forget to slide through the waves with the game's guided moves. If you collide with them, the game will end immediately. Be wise in the moving journey that the game introduces to online players. Santa was delighted with the gifts and started sending them out to everyone. Do something meaningful and learn different lessons in the journey this game has introduced. Try to perfect the game now.

The gifts that appear along the way become useful to you in this running game. Accomplish that single goal. Open up the sweet fairy world you want to explore at Multiplayer has won our amazing gaming world. Show off the gaming skills you used to enter. Unlock Christmas games similar to Fireblob Winter.

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Press the up or down arrow key.