Rooftop Shooters

To conquer Rooftop Shooters, the latest game for kids at, it takes serious shooting skills and multitasking techniques as well. The game is a new combination of an arcade game and a physics launching game, both of which coordinate well to generate a fun and thrilling gameplay. The players will have fun on the 2D pixel platform. While controlling the main character, you will have to try your best to jump and launch the bullets to defeat the enemies. They show up randomly and scattered on the rooftop, which means that you need to react very quickly to avoid being under attack.

This ABCya free game has more than just one game mode. Feel free to explore three modes: Practice, 2 Players and Find Match. Each of them will pose different challenges and requires the players to find a way to complete different tasks. Such variety in gameplay will guarantee a stimulating playtime for you and your friends! If you find it hard, just keep staying on the platform and shoot your opponents first.

There is no need to move too much if you don't find any new item. How many new characters can you unlock? Let's start to find out who can gain the most scores by shooting down each opponent! You can learn more fighting techniques and take your skills to another level with more shooting games like Apocalypse World and Bull Shooting

Instruction to play:

Use W to jump, E to aim and launch the bullets.