Pick Up Rush

Pick Up Rush

Date added: 11/06/2019

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Pick Up Rush at http://abcya.xyz/ is a driving game that combines passenger duty. You will become a driver around the city and make money with different guests. Pick up guests in locations and take them to a safe place without colliding with any other cars on the way. You need to pay attention to the times when you increase the speed of the car, they will take some time to be able to stop or slow down.

If you can win your turn, you will earn a lot of money from this job. Surely this will be an interesting experience for players different from other driving games. How to do the two tasks in parallel doesn't stop you. Instead, you can join this new journey and enjoy the challenges the game has brought to players around the world. We suggest players to join and enjoy this special journey at ABCya xyz driving game online.

Can you become the best player with huge amounts of money? Please work hard and complete the parts to play in your free time. You will love this world and enjoy the wonderful space of the game with lots of interesting things. We are surprised at the journey you have made and the special thing in front may help you.

Save the gaming tips that are useful to you and you can completely overcome the game's space without being bothered by any of the elements in the journey around the city. Some similar games are for you such as Color Crash and Dirt Bike Rider. Pay attention to the way.

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button to move the car, press repeatedly if you want to move fast

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