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Oib .io

Oib .io

Date added: 26/12/2018

Played: 2140

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Oib.io is a .io game in which you have to create your own army of oibs to go to battle. Before playing the game, you can decide which main character's class you would like to use; each has its own advantage and disadvantage. In the game, start by spawning several oibs and feed them to your main character. Repeat this until you are big enough, then it's time to hunt! You can use your oibs to create your own mass army or join them separately to create new stronger units; send them to other players instead of risking your main character. Remember that the life of spawned units decreases over time. That means that you need to feed them with oibs to restore their health.

All your opinions are heartily welcomed. We hope that you can share and rate our splendid games. Play more games such as Connect 4 .io and Nibbly.io at http://abcya.xyz/. Have a nice time!

Have fun conquering the map! 

Game controls:

  • Left click to select an unit
  • Left click and drag to select multiple units
  • Left click and ctrl to select or deselect unit
  • Space bar to select all units
  • Right click to move
  • WASD or arrow keys to move the camera
  • 1 to spawn oibs
  • 2 to combine selected oibs
  • 3 to split selected oibs
  • 4 to feed the selected oibs to main character
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