Music Rush

Not only is Music Rush a brand new game for the fans of the musical game genre but it also includes some of the best rhythms. From the sweet melodies of ballads, pumping beats of rock songs to the famous pop songs, you will get to listen to them all in this fun ABCya XYZ online game! The gameplay resembles some other classic music game where you need to hit the right notes at the right time to bring the melody to life.

Such simple controlling keys allow the new players to get a grasp of the game faster and get into the groove quicker! Both boys and girls can learn to play the game, but only the very best at feeling the beat will master it with the highest scores and advance to the top! A tip for the beginners to overcome the hard part of the songs is to try to estimate the melody and predict the timing when there are a lot of notes coming at you. Of course, the harder the song is, the more notes you will have to hit at once.

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Instruction to play:

Tap on the mobile screen or click on the screen to play the game.