Mr. Cop Master

Quickly destroy all the enemies in this game Mr. Cop Master at abcya games. There are many types of bad guys whether it's spies, or aliens ... all trying to take over the world and only you can defeat them. Help the world to become more peaceful. Please participate in this game with a very secret mission to destroy them. Make it your way everyone has a unique way of playing. How smart do you feel about yourself?

Can you solve all the puzzles as well as these enemies? All the bullets can cause your opponents to fall or shoot the obstacles and help the falling obstacles hit the heads of the enemies. You can destroy enemies in a lot of different ways. Later on, the number of enemies will be more but they do not move but a standstill. It's easy for you to fight this fight. Most of you will be the one who easily holds the win. But you need to have your skill and wisdom. Combine to have that. Raise your gun and shoot at your target to kill all of them with your wits and take down a lot of evil enemies.

There are many bad guys and divided into many different categories. But they will all feel scared when you join this fight. You are looking to buy some of the best weapons to hit with more precision. Enjoying a kind of shooting game Mr. Cop Master at with your friends will surely be very interesting. You will have a lot more emotion by allowing yourself to participate in some more interesting game retellings like Blocky Sharpshooter and Sniper Trigger.

Instruction to play:

Ue the gun to shoot the enemy.