Lucky Looter

Lucky Looter

Date added: 26/05/2020

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The thief is looking for a way to grab all the valuable items from the house that he found. Play the role of his companion for a day and find out the best path to do so without getting caught in this ABCya game for free: Lucky Looter! Your car will park right in front of the chosen house for each stage, so your job is to dash into it and suck the furniture, television, carpet, chairs, and so on into your bag.

Bringing them out will be easy only if you manage to avoid the guard. Your thief friend prepares a costume for you. Just simply sit down whenever a guard approaches you and you will turn into a box. This disguise will only fool him for a while, so get up and move as soon as he leaves your spot. Feel free to run to your car for escaping whenever you feel exposed or when you feel like it's enough.

However, can you see the star bar on the top of the screen? They will fill up depending on the number of items that you can gather, therefore, don't be a coward and try to capture anything that is at sight. A tip for new players to steer clear of the light range of the guard in this game at Conquer more challenging arcade games like Rolling City and Sentry Guardian. if you love this genre!

Game controls:

Click and hold the left mouse to move, release to disguise.

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