Lit Ape NFT Generator

Lit Ape NFT Generator is a casual game play it on ABCya Online Games. A humorous and tongue-in-cheek game for NFT products. The NFT cards may be used to generate cash. Tap rapidly to gain extra money. Enhance the functionality of your NFT website, the output of your NFT artists, and the performance of Diskord, Twotter, and Video Ad to increase your cash return. Earn passive money while sleeping.

The list of players' names on the right side will be updated constantly. Will your name show up on the top spots or not? Show your flexibility with other special games such as Dice Pixel Stealer 3D from this collection.

Key Features:

- The theme is fun, and it's great for keeping people interested for a long time.

- Never-ending game play

- Were you away for a while? Don't worry, our game will figure out when you stopped playing and give you the unearned money.

Instruction to play:

An idle game for NFT brands.