Light Rays

Light Rays

Date added: 17/02/2020

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Getting out of the box is the only way to win Light Rays free game at ABCya XYZ game for kids, both literally and figuratively. Only the best kids with the best use of physic laws can master this game and overcome the hardest physic problem ever: how would you light up an entire room using one single beam of light? It's the type of puzzle that you need to think creatively from the very first level to keep progressing throughout the stages.

By banking, shaping and bending the very fiber of light, you can come up with a way to make sure that the ray of light reaches its final destination, which creates a final result of a beautiful crystal orb. By taking advantage of the mirror feature, you can navigate the beam of light on your will. The tough part is to make sure that it curves around multiple corners, obstacles without being blocked. Use any mirrors and supplies that you need to create a perfect light ray at!

Of course, the difficulty will slowly increase to make the game much more interesting, even for the smartest players. Setting up your mirror relays is one of the most important parts of the game, therefore, brainstorm carefully before making any move. One single wrong move and you will be left in darkness forever! Find out the shortest path in the shortest amount of time, will you? Enjoy tons of puzzle games for free such as Tiles Of The Unexpected and Dotted Alphabet.

Game controls:

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to pick the mirrors.

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