Lay Eggs

Are you ready for a new adventure with the cute bird in Lay Eggs from ABCya game online? To keep the bird balanced and steadily move onto the next path, you need to control the number of eggs that the bird lays. It can lay as many eggs as you want, but you need to constantly click on it. There are tons of obstacles that will prevent it from reaching home, but with your help, the safety element is guaranteed.

First, take a look at the tutorial and grasp the basic steps. You will find that there are blocks of different height showing up on your way, each requires a specific number of eggs to overcome. It's up to you to estimate the height of the block, then quickly tap to make the bird lay eggs. Stacking up the right number of eggs is very important because if it's too high, the bird will get stuck, yet with the under-stacked pole, it can't get over the obstacles. One of the most important elements that determine your record in this game at is the great reflex.

Prepare to think very fast and react with your fingers even faster! The more you play, the more skin and additional items you will be able to unlock to put on the main character. Keep on flying high and overcoming the tough journey with more arcade games such as Killer Assassin and Juice Master.

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to make the bird lay eggs.