Interstellar Run

Avoid all black holes on your journey if you want to win the Interstellar Run at Pass the score of the first plays if you are ready to join our online game anytime. Follow the game guide and collect tips from other players to win the game. Move, rotate the platform and jump to avoid falling into the holes. Do not be exposed to laser beams. Keep running and explore this beautiful space tunnel. Your number of lives is limited. Therefore, use them wisely. You may have been in similar running games. However, do not ignore any challenge to join the game. Go through every journey that this game suggests to the player. Even the most demanding players make it through with this game's useful tips. The game can end at any time when you fall into the black holes. Choose from different ways of running or moving through this rewarding game. You will overcome the difficulties of the game.

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Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use arrow keys or AD to move through locations and avoid black holes