Hammer Master

Hammer Master

Date added: 14/05/2021

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Hammer Master was recommended by abcya xyz online for many players. Do you want to be a hammer master who can fix anything? To get that, you need good skills. Let's start exercising! Slide to move hammer. Don't knock the hammer on the bricks if you don't want to lose your life. Tap on the spikes of the same color as your hammer to charge up energy and complete your next turn. Collect all the nails of the same color. When the energy is full, you will increase your magic abilities. Extra plays and finishes safest right now.

Don't smash rocks, you will die. Finally, let's count how many nails you have closed. Pass the levels of this game, you will have the most enjoyable time in any online game journey. Collect the nails of different colors to win our latest game today. Don't lose your life in the game if you don't want to lose. Surely each player will have the most special way to participate in the game. What is a rewarding journey for you? Take on various quests and save games that you have not passed to join after every busy study hour.

The hammers are constantly on the move and you are ready to win our online game. Countless useful games of https://abcya.xyz/ have attracted demanding players all over the world. Join and share the most exciting online game moments you have right now. We keep suggesting new ways to players without being disturbed. List of games similar to this one are Rodeo Stampede and Snake Puzzle. Join with the best skills.

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button to move the hammer on your journey

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