Gravity Square

You are a gravity-defying square at Gravity Square. You have to jump to reach the door. Don't forget that wherever you click it will jump in the opposite direction. Win all the levels in the games that ABCya Xyz introduces. Reach the portal to survive and complete 20 different modes. The last levels are extremely difficult. Different rungs of the ladder can prevent you from moving. Try to jump and overcome all the challenges of the game to become the best player. To play the game, you must touch the mouse or touch the screen. Click instead of the direction it needs to go to move. It will automatically jump. Create the strongest force and opposite direction to the movement. This game has been updated for players in the world. Use online gaming tips and share them with your friends. Help the square jump to different positions and reach the finish line safely. The game has no limit on time or number of plays. You can join multiple times to win with the highest level. Conquer different plays in new journeys.

Each player has a different list of online games. They will also win this game at The content of this version is completely interesting and engaging. The first levels are easy. New challenges will surprise you. Choose a great way to win this online game. When you find the key in the gameplay, you have a chance to overcome any difficult challenge. Enjoy the moment of victory and unlock all levels. After that, you can continue to participate in the game to relax in your spare time. Share different online game missions now. We also recommend to players many games similar to Run Blue Imposter Run and Color Snake.

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use left mouse to move