Getaway Shootout

In Getaway Shootout you race three others to the extraction point. This is no ordinary race however, as you can only jump your way to the finish line. Try out-jumping the computer, or one of your friends in this two-player game. On your obstacle filled way to the finish, you'll find all sorts of weaponry and boosts to beat the competition. 

Get to the choppa! If you love adrenaline rushing games packed with action and explosions, but you are too lazy to use more than 3 buttons, you are going to have lots of fun with Getaway Shootout. Some people just enjoy games with 3 or less controls, which usually tend to be funny and slightly bizarre. In this one you have to control a guy all the way to a helicopter at the end of every stage. Collect all kinds of weapons to shoot other competitors and win the race. You can play this game with a friend on the same keyboard and have some hours of pure laughter.

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Have fun with Getaway Shootout!

Instruction to play:

Controls for player 1
W - jump left
E - jump right
R - power-up

Controls for player 2
I - jump left
O - jump right
P - power-up