Fruit Snake

Your snake will grow longer after devouring the delicious fruits in this ABCya XYZ new game for kids called Fruit Snake! Not only is this a new additional option to the arcade collection but it also stands out thanks to the colorful graphics, smart gameplay and the interesting quest that keeps you playing for a long time!

The game fixes a critical design flaw that most other games in the arcade genre fall to accomplish, which is to break down the myth of the 90-degree turn. Your snake will move in a 360-degree circle to grab food. Such movements will make it much easier to slither through the map, however, because of the effective sensor, you will have to practice a little bit to get used to it. Your job is to simply approach every piece of fruit showing up on the map, get closer to it at the perfect angle. However, if you fail to gather the fruits in time, they will disappear.

The main theme is pretty simple: eat fruit, grow bigger and bigger. You will be running against the clock due to the limited time range. Don't keep turning around to get the missed piece. Instead, focus on the new ones. This will be beneficial to your progress at! Make your snake turn into a long one and avoid biting on your tail! Keep an eye for more daily games such as and

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click or use arrow keys to move.