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Fort Shooter Simulator

Fort Shooter Simulator

Date added: 28/01/2019

Played: 3169

Rating: 0.3% 9 votes

Team up with this android for a series of epic battles in this futuristic shooter game. Can you help him construct forts and eliminate his enemies one by one?

Fort Shooter Simulator is all about practicing your skills in building structures for the popular, multiplayer online Fortnite game. Walk around a huge field and start trying out different kinds of arrangements for your platforms. You can also practice some shooting with different kinds of weapons and interact with other types of objects.

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Have fun with Fort Shooter Simulator!

Game controls:

How to play Fort Shooter Simulator
WASD move
Right mouse button to aim
Left mouse button to spawn fort part or shoot
E to cancel building or to pick-up a weapon
1234 to switch a weapon
5,6, or 7 to build a structure
Space bar to jump
L or Escape to toggle mouse cursor lock

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