Drive Hills Online

A steady hand on the wheel will be the key to winning Drive Hills Online at ABCya free game, but you might need more skills to deal with some delivering missions that are added to this driving game. The main goal is to drive the car to reach the destination while guaranteeing that each parcel on your car is kept safe. Don't drop any item midway or else you will not gain total scores per level.

Without dropping even one, finish off different mission sets that are shown on the game screen. After you finish one level, the next will automatically open up for your exploration. There is no need to move too fast because steadiness is the most important factor in gaining scores in the game. A tip for you is to control the speed wisely. Newcomers usually hit the gas too harsh, which causes the car to speed up then brake suddenly.

This will make your cargo easily fall over and tip-off. Keep a steady pace and neutral speed will help you a lot in bypassing crossroads and keeping the goods in one place. Make sure you brake your car at the right time to avoid any unwanted accidents. Tons of other racing games such as Rickshaw Driver and Road Of Fury Desert Strike. have different gameplay but all are equally interesting for the fans of car games! Don't miss out on any of them while playing the game at

Instruction to play:

Speed up using the left mouse button, release to slow down, and stop the car.