There is nothing more important than drawing out your gun fast in DEUL, the new fast-paced game from ABCya YXZ that is filled with action-packed shooting moves and elaborated setting as well as background. Not only will you have to shoot correctly but you also have to do so before your opponent does. The chance of surviving all levels in this game is slim, but we are looking for that one player who can conquer all.

Prepare your skills because this type of game is not like any other shooting game that you saw before. This game from will test your reflexes, focus, accuracy, and timing. If you fail to out-draw opponents as you clash with them, they will give you a headshot first, which means the game is over. Moreover, you can make new friends as you will battle against the players in China, London, Russia, and Brazil. For each defeated opponent, you gain one score, which will be added up at the end of your turn.

Be the last one standing and the one to bring home the victory with the most scores! Do you know that there is a variety of guns that will slowly unlock as you progress through this game? Keeping the eye on the opponent and the cue mark will be the key to stay alive. Other games like Balls & Bricks and Goblin Flying Machine will offer a new experience with new themes and good gameplay, so check them out later as well!

Instruction to play:

Control keys: Click to shoot and interact.