Daily Kaodoku

It's not the regular Kaodoku puzzles that you are used to solving in the daily newspaper. Here at https://abcya.xyz/, you will have to use all the neurons to brainstorm on the way to win all 4 degrees of difficulty. It's a Sudoku-resembled kind of game, but with new features to add more challenging tasks. Instead of arranging the number into the grid and the board, the players will test their minds with the collection of smileys in this game.

There are nine different types of smileys, each of which is formed from three possible mouths and three possible forms. To use nine different combinations efficiently, a tip for newbies is to think of them as numbers. Only once in every row, column, and 3x3 box can you place a single smiley face. If it happens to show up more than once, you have placed it in the wrong position.

There will be some blocks with the mouths or the forms all ready to guide you. Moreover, take advantage of the given hints to cut down on the wasted time when you got stuck. It takes some brainstorming to conquer these quizzes at ABCya XYZ free game, but it will be rewarding to see a full board of Sudoku! Some other similar puzzle games with trendy themes will entertain you for hours like Floppy Pipe and Ant Art Tycoon.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose the pieces, drag and release to place them at the right place.