Chess Move

Abcya free online game continuously updates countless new games for players to relax in their spare time. Chess Move takes you into the world of chess pieces. There are only 24 levels in the game, but the levels are very well thought out and fun. Players need to learn how to attack and fight their opponent's pieces. However, the opponent's chess piece cannot move. This is also the advantage that you can gain in the game.

Each piece moves as expected, but they will fall after moving and cannot move again until they stop falling. The goal in each level is to capture the opposing king who is lazy and never moves. Don't worry about losing troops. If you fall between two walls, you will be stuck and have to start moving again from the beginning. Try to checkmate to win your board and relax in the spare time you have. also introduced many other online chess games for players around the world. With interesting content, you can completely overcome the toughest challenges with great gaming skills. Share this game with other friends after you successfully pass all levels.

The number of pieces you have will increase gradually in the turn. Use aids to provide the best possible way of any journey. Countless online players also love the world of chess games. Save the game tips and move through each level that you have learned. Join the best online game world that you have ever participated in today. We are constantly suggesting new ways to play for players in their spare time. Save your favorite game list as Nifty Hoopers and Ski Safari.

Instruction to play:

Use mouse click on the chess pieces you want to move and choose the most suitable move