Castle Defender Saga

Castle Defender Saga has a lot of interesting content for players to join and share with friends. Enjoy this game-winning moment at Defend your castle against enemy invasion. The number of enemies attacking the castle is increasing in each battle. Give the best battle strategy you desire in this game. Train your archers, knights, and cavalry to fend off enemy forces. Follow the instructions of the game on the first turn and try to survive the next rounds to complete the game with the highest score. You will love this fighting game without being bothered by ads or game loading speed like in other websites. Promote and upgrade your mages to cast amazing spells on enemies. Become the best player in the castle defense battle. If you fail, try the next game.

Each player has a different strategy to complete the game. Do not miss this fascinating battle. Summon golems to smash enemies to pieces. These combat aids are more useful than ever. Defend against wave to wave of enemy attacks. How many waves can you survive? Many players have won this online game with the best results. Defend and upgrade useful combat skills for you. Tap the battle button to start fighting the wave of enemies once you've got enough strength for that part of the fight. Tap the lightning mage to cast spells. Wait for them to have enough strength to destroy. Upgrade your army with different damage calculations. You will win this game and many other similar online games at ABCya XYZ. Don't hesitate to join the new online games we introduce like Village Defense and Bridge Legends Online. Win with the most powerful army you have.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to fight like real heroes.