Captain Gold

Captain Gold is a lighthearted game with an adventure-based premise. The player must assist Captain, the game character, in smashing and gathering gold and other stones in this game. The captain is somewhere outside of town, busy extracting gold, diamonds, rubies, and other valuable commodities from mines. He must smash the stones, gold, and diamonds with his hammer, gather them, and transport them to his position in his cart. To assist the captain, you must throw the hammers at the stones at the right time and shatter them.

Simply press the screen to do so. In each mine, you will have three chances to break the stones with 'hammers'. You will lose the game if you are unable to break all of the stones in three turns. You will receive 1 point for collecting normal stones, 2 points for collecting gold, and 3 points for collecting diamonds. Also, many games suit your taste are available for free here. Why don’t you seek for what you love? Or just enjoy Noob Bridge Challenge and Last Stickman Fighter at ABCya action games!

Instruction to play: