Blocku Golf

Hello and welcome to Blocku Golf is an entertaining game in ABCya Xyz Online Games. This game features a lot of challenging stages that not everyone can complete. Simple but intricate gameplay will keep you occupied for a long time. Compete with your buddies and push yourself higher and beyond. Unlock more difficult stages.

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Key Features:

Each level in Blocku Golf is distinct. All you have to do is hit the ball into the hole. But you'll only get 5 chances, just 5 chances! You are also anticipating more roadblocks on your path to achievement. These are unpleasant blocks, abysses, a sharp saw, and a variety of other exciting hazards that will obstruct your progress.

Everything is as it would be in a true survival situation. But first and foremost, Blocku Golf is a thrilling and entertaining game that mixes minimalism with addictive gameplay. which is immersed in severe level passing, such as in Bounce or Gravity Defied.

Instruction to play:

To control, use your finger or mouse to click on the screen. Then, drag the cursor towards you (opposite of the throw) and release the mouse button or remove your finger from the screen.