Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy

Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy from ABCya is the latest spin-off of the classic game of bird-flapping theme. This time, the road of a journey for this little bird has filled with dangerous objects again, and it's your task to keep the bird safe and sound. Between the two modes of Endless and Tournament, feel free to play with the genre that suits you most. Each game mode has its specialized requirements, therefore, kids can choose the one that suits their preference.

While the first mode allows the players to play without stopping in an endless journey, the latter will bring you from one level to another. The gameplay remains unchanged no matter which you choose, that is to balance the movement of the bird and help it fly through the narrow gaps. Floating coins are for collection as the more you collect, the more birds you can unlock later.

At first, you might find it difficult to navigate the bird due to the flapping movement and the falling mechanism of it. Using the given guidance, you will learn how to control it quickly in this game at to defeat countless unique tasks. It's also a great chance to sharpen your observation skills, brush up the reflex and finger movements for the best performance. Updated daily arcade games like Stickman Swing and RoyalDice Journey might be your favorites soon, so check them out!

Instruction to play:

Tap on the game screen or click using the left mouse to make the bird move.