Basketball Fever

Basketballs will move between two baskets in Basketball Fever. If you are looking for a sports game to relax and show your skills, start with this game at This game becomes more interesting than ever with players. Unlike other basketball games, players participating in this game will adjust the ball direction and move the ball between two baskets in different positions.

If you throw the ball successfully, you will get 1 point. If you throw the ball, the game will end. Therefore, players can completely add points to their game and compare with other players the highest score they have achieved. This is really one of the useful sports games that players want to participate in and relax after every hour of studying or working. Each challenge for you will help you determine the exact path of the ball and earn points for your game.

ABCya xyz online game 2019 opens up a new world of many different theme games and players will take advantage of their various opportunities to win challenges with the highest score. Share tips to play so your friends also have a way to move the ball so that it hits the basket without falling out.

Continuously break the record you have achieved in this game today. We suggest giving players different ways to play and you can discover other sports games updated in your free time like Ragdoll Olympics and Pelé: Soccer Legend. Become the best basketball player on the planet today.

Instruction to play:

Left click and drag to adjust the direction of the burn throw then release the mouse to throw the ball into the basket.