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Alpine Ski Master

Alpine Ski Master

Date added: 24/09/2018

Played: 2362

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Welcome to the best skiing competition the "Alpine Ski Master" on ABCya2. Slide down on snow-covered hills, balance yourself on steep turns and beat the others by increasing your speed! Play as single player or compete with your friends or other players by playing in multiplayer. Unlock all the characters and tracks. Get all the achievements on three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. Collect all the coins for added bonus. It will add up on your total score and you might end up being on the top of the leaderboard!

Become a real Alpine Ski Master and speed downhill through the snow as fast as you can. Control your character all the way to the finish line using your poles to speed up and perform cool air tricks. The bar on the right indicates your boost power, if it’s empty you won’t be able to use your poles, so use them wisely. On your way down you will have to collect coins and boost bonuses that will fill your boost bar. Avoid the red sign with a white line, those will empty your bar if you touch them. You can play this Multiplayer Downhill Ski Game on single mode or on multiplayer mode against other players from all over the world.

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Enjoy Alpine Ski Master!


  • Two game modes, single and multiplayer
  • Simple controls, your skier moves automatically and you only need to steer
  • Power-ups that can be picked up in the race
  • Unlockable skiers and tracks


Game controls:

  • AD or left/right arrow to turn
  • Down arrow to brake
  • Space bar to use boost
  • R to reset
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